I Love Taiwan!!!!

I Love Taiwan!!!!

January 14, 2010

Thank You So Much Mummy

2mr my mom will be going DAY TRIP OUTSTATION to Sipitang (which is my National Service place)
ooooooo.. i missed the place and the camp and my NS Frens too..
Sum of us got still keep in touch oh.. Not bad not bad... ^^
And here i need to be say a BIG THANK YOU TO MY MOM!!!!
She done alots things for me!
Coz 2mr i will be going to All Saints school for teaching marching and my mom cant send me go there.. And she keep find a solution for settle it..
And she can be saying to me that 2mr ask me to use car go for college.. After that go home n rest and also in 2pm go to school All Saints..
I was shocked and WOW!
I really need to say A BIG THANK YOU to my MOM!!!
She is a lovely and kind mom..
And she is really a GREAT MOM that i had!
I'm so proud that i can be her daughter..
Mom, I Love You~

My mom is a great mom... She can cook well, she also can be teaching me, my little sis (but depends on how is my sis go bikin panas my mom, then will see a HARIMAU BETINA out) hahaha.. as well my bro too...
Hmmm.. My mom is a very kind person, friendly, and sometimes she act like kids as well too.. haha..
She love to cook, when everytime got new dish, Im the one who become the WHITE RAT 1st.. @@ ahahah.. but i like it..
and from last time till now, my mom had changed alots.. Really~
Last time she easy panas, but now NOT! hahahaa.. i don know why?

From baby till now, she still holding my hand during shopping or any where..
Coz she told me that :" even thou I already 19 years old, but in my heart, you are still the 2 years old little baby". I was happy and surprised with it when she said to me..
And i promised my mom that, next time when she is old, i will be taking care of her no matter what!
And i also will be holding her hands to cross road, shopping or any where place that i will be going~
^^ This is my promises to her..
and beside that, i also promises her that i will be do well in my study which is this Diploma Tourism Management.. After that working and working hard and earn lots of $$$, then will be bringing her and dad to go other country for vacation~ ^^
I will DO IT mom!
Believe me! ^^


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