I Love Taiwan!!!!

I Love Taiwan!!!!

January 16, 2010


Raining time again.. What is happening with KK's weather? How come keep raining? haiz.. now all my family also sick already!! T_T and so many of my frens sick too.. =/
Well, today i overslept oh.. adui.. around 11am oni like that i woke up.. @@ haha.. and then as usual i on9 and check mail.. hmmm... then do sum work then oni went to office.. 
once i reach city mall, i saw the floor there got red colour paper, so i bend down... and guess what? ahahaha.. Is RM10 ooo.. got 3 paper actually but 1 paper too far so i just oni get RM20!! wuakaka.. and i pass to mom and help me to dry it up... keke.. =) 
what a lucky day for me! hahaha.. 
and guys, pls go clink this below link.. 


It is a local video production done by Jack's Stuff and the TEAM!!! 

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