I Love Taiwan!!!!

I Love Taiwan!!!!

January 20, 2010

Recover but failed..

Current activity: chatting with Evan, Fb-ing (reply comment and cafe world) and listening music of HillSong and also eating the sweet of i bought yesterday.. coz my throat really get hurts liao... huhu... 
Today, quite early i go out from house to sent little sis to school lo... hmmm.. 
what else? hmmm... =/ 
(im sorry guys i keep hmmm coz i really bad mood now as what is happening just now on me, i will explain later) 
then my mom got meeting around 8am sharp so she had to dump me to college this early in the morning.. 
i arrived college around 730am like that... so... hmmm.. no place i can go so i just sit down at the Block A there while playing my phone game and also did sms with Evan too.. wuakakak... 
(i need to say sorry to him coz early in the morning i woke him up by my LATE REPLY SMS!!! haha... xD) 
Then, what else? hmmm.. just playing my phone game while waiting for Amy and Vivian reach.. 
But today Amy will be late came to college oh... 
But luckily kan, got someone came to college liao and find me at Block A tu... xD 
He Kawan lagi me tu... kekeke... who is he? Is Evan bah!!! hahaa.. 
He went to Block A there find me and ask me accompany him go to Fung Ip Cafe there eat breakfast lo.. 
erm... since i had no place to go and do nothings, so... i also just go lo.. 
Btw, need to thanks for him la that also accompany me... wuakaka.. 
otherwise im gonna alone and lonely waiting of Amy and Vivian.. 
And, he got BULLY me lagi tu.. adui.. kelian me.. @@ haiz... :P 

btw, then around 0830am liao lo.. i terpaksa DUMP him alone as i need to go Block A to find Vivian and only together go to New Building there... 
Reached at Block A, Vivian said Amy is found parking at Stamford there so wait her for awhile and only we together go to new building lu... 
hmmm... Then HLT TIME!!! alamak!! 
chapter 2 lagi.. im not really understand with this subject la actually.. but chapter 2 ok ok for me coz is talking about the law at the court there lo.. but chapter 1 was totally @@ for me.. haha...
2 hours class finally finished.. YES!!!! merdeka (sebaliknya)

Then i went to 3rd floor to find Ms Akiko for submit my apply leave letter and i find Ms Freda for my CS3 result as well.. and guess what? 
hehe.. i get 90% of my CS3!!! the highest mark in my class!! yes yes yes!!! haha.. so happy and surprised for it.. kekeke.. 
then go down... 

saw Evan tu.. LOL! i don know he is waiting for sum1 kah or muk the SLIM 1? wuakaka... (sure Evan zha dao now!!) :P
then i just realise that my apply leave form hvnt submit to Admin Department again so went back again to 4th floor lo!! @_@ 
but mana tau, i forget of Mr Defiry's signature and i need to be waiting for him lo..about 3-5 minutes like that la i wait him... 
and i 1st time went up to the 5th floor o... wow.. 
it was.. haha.. and Mr Defiry's room so big already lagi tu and COLD as well.. 
Then finally done edi lo so went down again!! adui... 
Then, Evan really waiting me oh.. wuakakaka.. but he is talking with his friend so i wont worry him!! haha.. :P 

Then i had to work to Suria there to find my mom... T_T 
i need to cross so many road and those celaka stupid dumper buduh drivers ar.. 
know i want to cross the road but sengaja slow slow driving there and see see see... @@ celaka!!! 
I use about 5-8 minutes from my college new building to Suria.. wow.. is it fast? LOL!! 
coz i got "invisible WING"!!

oh ya, on the way going, i got sms with Chiew, Samson~ 
I told Chiew about my CS3 result and asked Samson when is he school break at there and coming back~

Finally reach Suria but i cant contact my mom.. so i was totally lost at there since i seldom walk there.. So i went to the nearest got a bookfair there to see book~ 

Erm... I found out mostly there is sold the ENGLISH BOOKS but kan, i was finding CHINESE BOOKS actually.. ahaha... so i round la and turn here n there to see see lo.. ^_^ what can do? kekeke.. 
and finally.. tada.. 
i found out the CHINESE books liao!! yeah!! 
erm.. around half an hour, my mom saw me at the bookfair there.. while i already get 4 books.. 

This book very funny..

hehe.. this 4 books already cost me of RM26.60 edi.. @@ hahaa..
But it is worth of buying this 4 books.. ^^v

Then i asked my mom to have lunch with me.. 
Coz i haven't eat my breakfast and my lunch as well.. 
haha.. so mom bring me to ground or basement floor there.. i don know.. 
so i only eat KFC!! haha.. 
and i was shocked is.. 
my Moral Partner - Chiew... he sent the cookies or tarts for me from college to Suria.. i was appreciate it and really so touched!! ^^

I love the Sweet taste, crispy!! Love it so much..
Thanks so much Chiew! ^^
 And, my mom is get misunderstood btw me n him.. LOL!! what a funny joke! xD

Hmmm.. After my sastifify lunch, went back home lo and... 
later need to go back to All Saints there for teaching BABIES again.. ^^ 

finally 2pm edi.. when i want to go out from house and want go to All Saints, suddenly mom stop me and ask me to do things.. @@ 
hahaha.. so i arrived there around 230pm! hehe.. :P 
erm.. when i was go there, they seems happy to see me, but i don know why? LOL!
Then i ask Amirul (1 of my assistance) to give command and i want to see what is the wrong things that the group is doing~ 
MANA tau, @@ adui... 
i give them tips abt it.. but they like never heard it.. @@ hahaa.. 
Then, erm.. i had to shout on them because of the Pancaragam is practicing of they equipment~ 
(and i was sad that i saw Locksley is sad face the time when i saw him all the way, i don know what is happening)
Then, because of no place to train, so we went up to the Wisma All Saints there for training them~ Hmmm.. 
and as i said, teaching marching is just like teaching the new born babies and i need to be patient for teaching them... 
I can be scold them in a time, but in a same time i also need to be playing with them so they wont be feel so stress! 
but, it is also the hard way as well coz i need to be care of they healthy as well~ hmmmm..
 and at last, hmmm.. i did scold well about the BABIES... haiz.. 
Coz when Amirul ask them to "masuk baris" they can be take around 1 minutes to done it.. how can? 
and that is also the 1st time i saw Amirul so fierce and scolding them as well... 
coz the BABIES is really making us (me, Amirul, Aaron, Zatu, and Locksley) feel so angry to them.. 
and i really feel bad when i scold them coz i really don want to scold them actually, but.. i scold them almost half an hour.. 
i really feel so sad, disappointed, and angry just now.. 
I really hope they could be listen in what i had said to them just now.. 
Otherwise i don know that what i can do for them anymore? 
Sport day is coming soon which is on 11 Feb 2010. And they had full raptai on 10 Feb 2010.. 
What did they aspect me to do for them?
Even the teacher at there is asking me about the other things? 
Macam la i was the teacher at there!! EXCUSE ME!! 
Im just the ex All Saints student who is been called by Locksley and Cikgu Suriati for helping the Marching Group only! =.='''
Once i had scold the BABIES, my throat totally cant voice out anymore!! 
I really.. haiz.. but i hope 2mr they are getting much more better than today!

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