I Love Taiwan!!!!

I Love Taiwan!!!!

January 5, 2010


Eloha my readers..
Well, now my mood / feeling is so disappointed..
I disappointed with many things... haiz..

  • Is my college time table for it - im so disappointed with the new time table with it.. coz it was everyday got class is ok, but some of it is hanging hanging there!! OMG!! i hate about it.. Let me show you the time table.

 this is what we call the hanging time table... @@

  • Second is about my little sis la.. @@ She now already Primary 4, and she like really don care about her homework at all.. Ask her to do her homework,she will give me many reason.. And she really have no heart want to study at all.. (Even my parents also don want to care about her, always sayang her too much.. Haiz.. i don want to care about her also like cannot! If i garang2 there, i kena marah!!!) 
  • Third will be sum of my frens la.. Erm.. recently she just done somethings bad and.. haiz.. i don want to said it at here, later like i made her toh soi and bad.. 
  • Fourth, will be what else? erm...  just like got many things i really felt disappointed and i don want to write it at here.. Is enough for it.. haiz.. I think let me be the one who get suffer for it la.. :'(
I just want a person who can be share my sadness, and borrow the shoulder let me lend to cry.. but it like seems hard for me even thou my mom also like hard to do it.. Just everytime when i want to share sumthing with her, she will said: "can you talk point to point, just said what you want, don waste my time as i had alots things to do".. So i just keep quiet and go away and don want to disturb her.. Haiz..

The only way which i can share my sadness is here "blog" or my personal diary books.. T_T
I really felt that im alone in this world.. haiz...


Lainee said...

wei ya~ im always there bah :)

Manda's Life said...

elaine, i lost my direction liao... :'( i cant find u.. T_T