I Love Taiwan!!!!

I Love Taiwan!!!!

January 8, 2010


Well, yesterday whole day i was really bad mood
i don know what is happening
i knw that many things is happening..
i really don know how..
i want to find a person who i can share everythings,
so i on my msn..
But.. T_T
i cant find even 1 person..
Im really felt im really lonely....
haiz.. but i wish that my next day will be getting better?
perhaps i will be going out with amy and Vivian to Nexus Karambunai better i stay at home..
and when i was bad mood, i will keep eat eat eat or else i will drive car n go to Beach to listen the waive..
Since i had promised sum1 that i cant go out late and cant go beach alone, so i oni can EAT EAT EAT!!!
I had eat 4th packed (normal size) of junks food.. hahaha..
i know will be getting fat, but nvm.. EAT liao then go EXERCISE lo... ^^ hehee..
Hmmm... what else?
just hope that 2mr will be have fun..
just now abit hungry, so went out to town KFC there to tapao the Coleslaw salad to eat.. hahaa..
Wonder want to stop by at Sutera, but...
don want break promise so go back home n enjoy my momm momm ..


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