I Love Taiwan!!!!

I Love Taiwan!!!!

January 14, 2010


Well, today i got class untill 1130am only.. hahaha.. Well, today not bad at all la.. just like during the 1st class only have a bad moments only la... Which is not enough chair, and SOMEONE is pretending of so gentlemen that doing sumthings for sumone (sorry guys, i don know that THAT SOMEONE will be read my blog or not so i cant write it here) haha.. and i realise that the 1st day of class kan, those lecturer will be saying: "YOUR ASSIGNMENT WILL BE... " adui... It was so PANTANG when the students listen for it.. xD hahahaha...

Hmmm... Today the teaching of the marching is not bad la... Is just like Teaching marching just like the beginner step of teaching them and I need to treat them as a baby kids.. Even thou they sick, I need to take care of them too. hahaha.. And 2mr will be the 2nd training tu.. wah liao eh... cham lo me.. 

Now my throat edi want "nyiaaaaa" edi.. @@ huhu.. btw, will be teach them as much tat i can lo.. ^^

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