I Love Taiwan!!!!

I Love Taiwan!!!!

January 11, 2010

4th Sems - 1st Day

Well, yesterday nite i cant sleep very well actually as before i went to slept, i was thinking too many things.. Hmmmm.. that is my style when i want go sleep of it.. Sure i will be keep thinking alots..
Btw, today is my 1st day of 4th sems going to college..
Of coz i do happy because i can meet with my frens at college.. ^_^
Hmmm.. well, this morning i woke up around 0552am as i need to wash up myself and need to sent little sis to school..
And we left home around 0623am as the weather is quite dark and plus some blue blue color..
And reach around my outside traffic light, i was shocked why so many cars and traffic jam!!! ==
I asked my mom is it from last week also be like that? She said yes!
So i was wow.. haha..
Then jam ar jam, i just sleep inside the car oni as i cant totally sleep well la.. (well, i have a nice 10 minutes sweet dream and be awake coz reach at my sis school)
So, went down from car and KICK my sis.. haha..
no la, is sent her until to her classroom and chit chat awhile then me n mom oni left her school.. Coz her school around 7am SHARP will be close the main door!
**Yawning now**

After that, my mom want go to Foh Sang Market there to buy the SEA COCONUT for my brother..
Coz his cough hvnt gone yet.. hmmm.. i oso don know how? Haiz..
(i hope his cough will be gone ASAP coz i don want to see my bro like suffering cough like that)
hmmmm... Then, my mom went down and find it while i was in car waiting her..
Around 5 minutes like that, she knocked the door coz i din see her so i quickly open the door n take the SEA COCONUT!
So means my bro can drink for it..
I hope the SEA COCONUT can be heal my bro at least of 30% or more..
Coz he is totally suffering of the coughing.. =/
Even thou is not im the 1 who cough it but i know the feelings of suffering..

Next destination will be going to Damai eat breakfast..
My mom said she might be don want to eat if at Damai traffic jam.. ><
Coz from Foh Sang going to Damai very jam, but after we pass the traffic light and going to Damai, there is no more jam!
And less car as well.. =.='''' What a good place!!! hahahaha...
So, found parking and go down momm momm.. ^^
After breafkast, mom talked alots with me.. She talked about her workings, my brother's stuff, my stuff as well.. So i just listen and of coz some of it i will get shocked coz i never heard of the news before..
Around 0800am, we left Damai and going to Town to send me go to College..

Reach at college, meet with my dear Vv.. hehe.. and wait Amy and Thien come to Block A there meet and only together go to the new building. haha..
and the new building is quite er....
don know how to say.. @@
just diam diam.. but happy oso la can have the new classroom, new table and new chair and also more bigger classroom.. xD
then today i got 2 subject class.. hmm.. not bad oso la.. not boring but a bit sleepy oni because of the "lau tu zi" class.. wuakaka..
So overall ok la..
i got my result of Customer Service in previous semester which is 77%, and moral i get 80%, now left of the Communication Skills 3 result i haven't get yet..


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