I Love Taiwan!!!!

I Love Taiwan!!!!

January 18, 2010

Sore Throat

Current Activity: Chatting awhile with Evan and also listening to Hillsong Music to relax myself~ 
Current Assignment: HTL, just started.. but next week need to pass up 1 assignment.. faint!!! 

Suppose this blog i can type it yesterday nite but.. i cant.. haha.. coz im tired and sleepy.. So, today i might be combine with it.. ^^v
Well, yesterday is Sunday and guess what? I GOT WORK!!!! (pissed off abit actually bcoz suppose not im the 1 who working but i kena replace him!!) 
and guess what? So many customers came in to my office and ask about TAIWAN package!! Adui.. (I'm aiming that this year will be going to Taiwan) keke... 
Hmmm.. oh yeah, and today is my neighbour birthday to - Evon lo.. and she invited me, mom and sis go to her house to celebrate as her bday party.. 
So night time we went there eat.. while my dad, bro and kakak stay at home to eat dinner coz they don want to go there eat.. 
hmmm.. at there is quite boring.. just eat and i din talk much with Evon coz she is busy of "layan" her frens and her bf too.. so.. hmmm.. 
then i only go to Michelle and Donald there lo.. ^^ talked awhile then i call my k koko - Jason.
Jason is my k koko tat the most longest i know and yea, almost 7 yrs that we know each others.. haha.. so i called him to came to EAT THE CAKE!! hmmm.. coz the cake which is fruits cake got a little hmmm.. i don know how to say, yang i know i din eat all.. i give almost half to Jason to eat.. keke.. then i told him that i was boring and he ask me go up car and he bring me go gai gai.. xD 
haha.. so i just leave that birthday party and i went back home and go take my wallet and key and go.. hahaha..
and guess what? he is bring me to BEACH!!! yeah!! 
im so happy.. Coz i no need to tell him that where i need to go and he will know me de.. what a good k koko.. ^^ 
im so proud that i got this brother.. he is a nice person and helpful and also kind too.. but he treat his frens so kind and his frens is betray him because of sum reason! haiz.. i don know la.. 
Reach at Tanjung Aru beach, hmmm.. we go find sum drink and we sit a place which is face the beach.. 
Wow! and we chit chat alots and we having FUN with MOSQUITO!!! =.='' 
i keep kena EAT by the MOSQUITO!!! 
and yeah, we having alots of topic to talks about it.. haha..  
and he is listening to my FAN-ness lo.. while he oso sharing to me his FAN - ness to me too.. 
We both almost like everytime also will be doing like that since like form 1 or form 2 like that.. haha.. so we biasa edi.. ^^ 
Erm... after that my dad is calling me and ask me tapao sumthings for him... @@ 
so i need to go home early a bit to give the momm momm lo.. 
then i go up to koko's car again and we did chit chat again.. haha.. and we also watch the LIVE show of sum1 driving without license.. (stupid) 
and we talk talk talk almost 1 hours plus and around 1130pm oni i go in my house.. haha..
Then, after that, Evan ask me got on9 or not lo.. 
i said will but awhile oni de.. coz like late liao so i just check my cafe worlds n my Pet Vielle only lo.. hahaa...
then almost 1am oni i go oi oi.. 
but my sis cough like hell there.. 
keep cough cough there.. then the kakak can be sleep like a pig u know?? 
and i see my little sis so suffer so i bring her go see doctor around 130am like that.. but the doctor oni will be back at 2am.. so we need at clinic there.. 
then the doctor reach so i ask him to check my little sis what is happening..
she said that her throat already "fa yan" la.. this n that.. then i see my little sis sleep so well so i ask the doctor to let my little sis sleep awhile 1st then only i bring her back to home n cont sleep.. 
around 3am like that oni i bring my little sis to sleep coz i also fall asleep at there too.. (but don be worry, coz the clinic my dad know the doctor, so ok la..) 
then, hmmm.. around 315am oni i get into sleep and i need to wake up at 6am oh.. OMG!! i just slept for few hours oni and it is totally make me so tired and sleepy.. 
Just now i went to class, my eyes is totally like a PANDA and it really PEDAS at my eyes.. i keep yawning n tahan and complaint to my dear Vivian.. @@ haiz.. 
Im totally tired and sleepy!! T_T haiz.. 
hmmmm.. and what else? 
Today class is ok la.. just sleepy only.. ngek.. 
oh yea, during CNY, im going back to KL again.. 
i will be going on 10 Feb 10 untill 21 Feb 10.. 
at there doing the same things again.. @@ 
faint.. hahaha.. but, biar la.. go oni.. hmmm... 
and guess what? 
my VOICE GONE!! T_T huhu.. how can like this?
This wed im going back to All Saints sch le for the marching.. T_T 
Haiz.. How?? 
i don want to lost my voice ar.. i don want to get sick too.. 
i hate sick!!! now my whole family is sick, then im the last person kena attack...
sob sob...

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