I Love Taiwan!!!!

I Love Taiwan!!!!

October 31, 2009

The Spoon & Folk

Well, today is Saturday. And as usual i woke up quite late today, around 1030am, because when i woke up i just realise that im alone at home. Mom and  bro went out to working, while my little sis, kakak and dad went to Bukit Padang there for swimming! @_@ Hmm.. what else?

Then today more special abit because i went to City Mall there which is my working place there to eat lunch with my mom.. And we went  to THE HUT - Folk and Spoon here la.. It is near at my office.. If you know where is Hana Japanese Food, in the same row of it and is the last shop from Hana Japanese Restaurant there.. ^^ 
Hmm.. then we sat down, and we looked into the menu.. It just took us around 5 minutes of it~ The shop is ok la.. Just the decoration oso not bad.. Better than previous shop name Poppeen lo.. Hmm.. then i order with Spaghetti Mutton Lamb and 3 in 1 sour juice which is got kit zai, lemon and limau! Mom order Curry Mee and Lemonmade Juice and we also order a salad fruits ice cream~ yummy.. And we just wait for 5-7 minutes only and the dishes came out.. yummy..

Spaghetti Mutton Lamb - too bad the lamb is not meat but FAT!! =.='''
PS: but is good la.. u can try the beef.. is nice too

3 in 1 Sour Juice
 PS: after drink can keep fit

Mom curry mee..
PS: i like the taste... Y.U.M.M.Y

Ice cream salad fruits
PS: not so good coz the ice cream so fast melt! and i like the design of them.. is cute


Anonymous said...

hello Amanda, i jz see ur latest blog post.. u mean the restaurant is it at City Mall?? Can i knw what is the most delicious food at there? thanks, James Y

Manda's Life said...

Dear James Y, Thanks for your comment.. If you could know at the Hana Japanese Restaurant, it is same row with Hana, and u could see the signboard is "FOLK & SPOON". Erm.. about the food, i don knw yet, but you could go try for it~ I heard that the Chicken Wings is very nice.. So u can go try for it! ^^ God Bless..