I Love Taiwan!!!!

I Love Taiwan!!!!

October 30, 2009

Dad back from Kuching

Well, yesterday my dad went back from Kuching as he got course that need to attend and to help him "naik pangkat" too at the Polis section there la.. And my dad is a police ya!! =.=''' (i seldom told my fren that my dad is a policeman coz they think that become a policeman's daughter or son is very strict and some of it knw edi but don want to make fren with you, and some is just like 'mempergunakan' you only.. hmmm.. what a bad friendship)

Hmm, ya yesterday my dad back from Kuching. He arrived here around late evening 530pm la.. My mom got airport to fetch him la.. Then back home, and i go see see what did my dad bought? guess what?
1. Lada Putih
2. Kuih Lapis  x 6 types different
3. Lada Hitam
4. Some laksa packed one
5. i don know liao.. hahaha..

Kuh Lapis Dubai..

Kuih Lapis Tembikai

Kuih Lapis Batik

Kuih Lapis Mutiara

Kuih Lapis Dubai.. haha.. 

Now, need to do assignment moral of the power point lo.. huhuh..

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