I Love Taiwan!!!!

I Love Taiwan!!!!

October 11, 2009

Just For You - Stephanie Lim (Part 2)

I just see my blog comments, saw Vivian comment about my blog about this girl..
Well, nowadays we din cry because of Shin Yee already as Vivian said maybe the time is pass already and Shin Yee go KL long times too.. We here to cheer her up at KL's Life~

My dear Shin Yee at KL almost 3 months liao lo.. haha.. She is able to suit herself at there~ At she also got a new life too~ She is getting fatter and fatter of day by day.. wuakakak... (hope she wont read this) Well, she is a funny girl.. (guys, better don go made her angry oh.. If not your face gonna have a 5 marks of fingers..) Hmm.. She been growing mature i think.. Then we are going to meet her up during CNY next year (if possible) or else during DEC, but i have to discuss with Thien, Vivian and Amy too! hehe..

Btw, sometimes we also got chat in msn and FB too..

haha.. Sorry Shin Yee...

Hmm.. What else? We really miss her alots.. Like after she gone kan, me, Amy, Thien and Vivian like seldom talk much.. T_T we miss her voice lo.. because everytime she like to bi li ba la there.. I also don know what should i write here about her already!

But, we are happy that to see her more mature and more FAT! haha.. blek..

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