I Love Taiwan!!!!

I Love Taiwan!!!!

October 20, 2009

My Mr Lapp

Dear Mr Lapp,
This post is especially for you
You know that you are very important in my life
Why you want to leave me 1 weeks?
You know how sad am i that you are not beside me?
I cant do anythings;
even i online also sad because i will thinking of you
Why you want to leave me?
Why you have illness you don want to tell me and let me know but u dump me alone at here~
Im rather stay beside you but don want you feel alone to take injection, take medicine alone!!
Why you so cruel to dump me Mr Lapp??
I hate you!!!!!
I really wish i could save you!!! T_T
But why??
Why i asking you to scan you telling me is not sickness??
I hate myself that i could not to save you.
You know that your role in my life is VERY IMPORTANT!!!
without you i cant sleep well,
Without you i cant do anthings..
I miss you all the times..
I keep asking myself are you ok at there??
Do you miss me or you really want to dump me already?

But now i wish that i could stay beside you and sleep with you..
Help you cover blanket when you are cold
You are my everythings you know that?
Without you, i cant do anything else
Mr Lapp, can you give me 1 more chanc to take care of you?
I really wish that you could..
Mr Lapp, pls come back by my side..

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