I Love Taiwan!!!!

I Love Taiwan!!!!

October 11, 2009

National Service Memories - Part 3

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Good morning my readers, Well, i think today is my last free day to post up this blog.. wuakaka.. Coz now im working while im doing nothing at all, so i bring my laptop to office to continue my story... wuakaka.. :P Well, today im gonna continue with my story at National Service too~

Hmm.. Oh ya, almost forget about this.. During NS, Me, evelyn, and Elaine got a funny nickname.. Guess what is it.. (Hope Elaine wont be reading this part) Elaine : Lamb Chop (coz if u read Laine's name fast fast then you will get it to LAMB CHOP) , Evelyn : Cow Chop ( because when she sick i ask her go Medic she don want.. so Stubborn, then i call her as COW as stubborn too...) , Amanda: Pork Chop (coz i love pig and Elaine and Jinn always call me "ah boo zhu") ~wuakakak.. Sorry gals, as Elaine said: Past already.. haha..

After that, what else? After CNY, i suppose no need to go back to Camp also can, because of my leg i went to SMC to check it again! They gave me a letter saying that i no need to go back to Camp also can as my leg situation like that.. BUT, i kept ignore it as when back to CNY, we got using M16 oh.. Know what is it? Is the gun with name M16.. Why i want to let this chance go? NO WAY!! 1 times only in my life wor.. Of coz i need to play la.. hahaa.. Well, erm.. After the M16 then i cant be join much activity like them anymore.. The day i went back to Camp, i need to return the TONGKAT! hahaha.. Then the nurse asking me am i ok or not of my leg la.. What else?

Beside that, whatever that i want to do the activity, Im sure will be together with Evelyn and Elaine too.. ahaha.. And, i don really like to become "PENJAGA MALAM" but it was fun.. I still remember that me and Evelyn together jaga malam, then we both everytime sure will take out food to eat.. haha.. Almost everytime is the Maggie Mee Cup.. Sometimes is the biscuit, snack like that.. Beside that, I also ever make a birthday card to a gal call Maryam because the next day is her birthday as well~ I made the birthday card and asking all of the P2 gals to signature and gave it to her!

*Even thou got abit cacat but is the ikhlas from the P2 gals*

Erm... 1 more is the about the lecturer.. I think Elaine still remember of this.. Cikgu Cha Sao~ (wait ya, im 4get his name... is Cikgu Mahat) This cikgu is the first person to bring us to go out from camp and going to church while also bringing us to go eat "kan lao cha sao mian" oh.. hahaha.. And then, he is also the cikgu that i got keep in touch till now EVEN THOU sometimes he is saying those WEIRD words! Hmm... Oh ya, beside that, 1 day before he want to leave camp because he got somethings very important so that he need to leave camp before our GRADUATION DAY.. He go and take the microphone and announce that he need to leave the camp because of his personal reason. Then, some Wira like shocked of it because he is the lecturer that never get angry. Beside that, Cikgu Mahat is a funny and kind person as well, he love to make his student laugh all the time! When i know that he want to leave the camp, the WIRAs' are singing the song that Cikgu Mahat teach them!

What else? hmm... (thinking thinking) Oh ya, Beside that ar, i tell you, the camp got many BEES and insects too.. So, got a time of night time the hall got many BEES and those insects, it really scary and hate of it!! Then we also got go out from the camp there to go to those orphan's house, the don know what air things, then go visit bomba, etc too~ Then also got a seminar about the HIV things too! =.=''' (Quite a boring seminar) What else i can saying lagi?

Hmm.. I don know what should i said liao? I just can know that when we go in also cry, when came out from camp also cried because like "bu she de" those 3 months frens lo.. hmm.. what can do? Let me show picture to you.. Hope you enjoy with it.. Ciao.. MISS NS MOMENTS!!

Me, Tze Jing, Evelyn and Elaine

Want to playing the Flying Fox..
It was nice experience.. Miss my group..

Love this pict much~ Coz can say is the last 2 nights already..

Li Ying, Elaine, Me and Evelyn.. (Do Re Mi Fa)

Church at Sipitang.. Our group (Anglican)

The Group photo of Bravo~

The Females Lecturer in P2 as our farewell Bravo and we get JOHAN in Perbarisan among the girl!!

Dewan Makan during the night.. (as your info, the last nite at camp we also kena scold by the camp commanden) haha..

me me me.. (the last day)

Last day dinner

All the lecturer wearing so..

Before go PJ, take some pict 1st.haha

Joe and me
Our company ex leader and also the whole camp ex leader and she get a reward too..

Ling Ling and Me before go PJ again..
We love tis pict much!!

Guess who's leg

Me and Saibah
(the little kid in Bravo)

The F6 Malay gals that nvr separate and Me.. (miss them too)

The China Town WIRA

The most FIERCE lecturer

Kelvin and Me

Sarah and me
(she is the room leader while im her assistance and she is just zzz beside me)

A handmade gift from our mummy lecturer

The last nite at camp and 2 mummy lecturer catch me..

The camp commandan and me.. We hvnt get ready yet.. then i kena marah too

Finally get ready and say CHEESE!!

Evelyn *Peace*

Any photos pls visit to friendster oh.. haha..

**Hope you enjoy my blog**
**Kamsha Hamida means Thanks you in Korea Language**

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