I Love Taiwan!!!!

I Love Taiwan!!!!

October 8, 2009

Boring Boring Boring

i woke up around 930am.. OMG!!
that time i stil see my phone clock i tot oni is 730am but see clearly is 0930am..
wah!!i straight JUMP DOWN from my bed and go brush teeth~
As usual im doing housework, but today im super lazy as well.. haha..
Beside that, i don know what is happening to my eyes..
After woke up, eyes itchy and painful.. T_T
(after that i sms to mom to ask her buy Eye Mo for me..)
hmm.. today im very super boring..
i don like the feelings of lonely and boring too..
coz like u had nothing to do and u don knw that what u want to do as well..
like sot sot.. @@'''
Now my current activity is playing Cafe World while reading Jack's Stuff Blog~
Finish read his blog, oh no..
He is gonna leave ASC soon.. T_T
how could it be?
Then i msn him!!!
i asked him that why he want to leave ASC??
he said he need to raise up his $$$ and then oni continue to his mission
i kept asking him what is the mission, he did not tell him.. (jahat Jack!!)
After while, my tears suddenly drops..
hmm.. i don know why?
While i was chatting with Jack,
Maybe he is a funny guy then want leave already or wat???
don know la..

haha.. maybe GOD want me to pray hard for his journey as well~ ^_^ (rite Jack)
by the way, i will pray hard for him as to complete his journey and hope all the ways that he face he will able to solve of it.. ^^
hmm.. what else? im boring oh..
T_T next week start school edi, haiz..
i don know how is going? but i think will be very funny too.. haha..
now i was "FAN" one things oni
which is next week im gonna start class, then now my KAKAK oso don want to work liao~
Who is the 1 going to clean up and care my house? I was worry of my mom..

takkan i let my mom to do the housework as she so tired of the working already~
now coming back she need to do housework??
haiz.. T_T
i really don know how.
As this week i can help her coz is orientation week for the new intake students
but how bout next week?
really FAN!!
But i really hope she can get at least the temporarily kakak or what oso la..
i hate my previous kakak.. she made me and mom twice edi.. if she don want to work anymore, just let us know only..
don ask people wait for her and call her up then only tell us she don want to work already
and his husband too!!selfish on hiselve oni!!!!

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