I Love Taiwan!!!!

I Love Taiwan!!!!

October 9, 2009

5th Day Housework

Shaloom my readers~ How are you been recently? Well, today i woke up quite early as well.. Around 830am, coz yesterday nite my mom ask me to cook some "liang cha".. so i decide to made 红豆水 - Red Bean~ haha.. It was nice after cook with 2 hours with my patiently attitude.. By the same time im sleepy as well because yesterday nite was waiting my Cafe World at Restaurant City to level up until 2am oni i off9~ Faint.. haha..

While in the 2 hours im made the Red Bean, i started to clean up the house again and again!! =.=''' haiz.. start with sweept the floor again, the "抹" the floor again~ "再抹" those TV, tables, chairs~ hrrr!! i hate this kind of situation ar!!! i don really like to do housework de but haiz.. what to do wor? now my hand almost 1 weeks din put lotion liao... now become so 'kasar' oh.. yi!!! tao yan tao yan!!!!!

Red Bean

Today dad outstation of going to Kudat for doing his work~ Hmm.. no matter how i hate him sometimes too, but he outstation as my mom also told me it is worrying him too.. Because he already so old already kan, then he change to this department, hmm.. quite worry of it also la.. but what to do?

Tomoro and Sunday im gonna work again!! haiz.. feel lazy of working le.. hmm..

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