I Love Taiwan!!!!

I Love Taiwan!!!!

October 29, 2009

Mixed Day

Hello there my readers, how are you recently?
Well, today my post gonna special abit..
I am going to post that what is happening in this 2 - 3 days on me~
Let's start..

On 27 Oct, in the morning i get a phone call from the laptop technician that told me my laptop is ok already and can go take for it~ I tell the person in charge that i might be going to take on the same day afternoon or evening. But sadly is my mom that time is fully booking because of her works so cant send me go take my laptop~ Mom said if i want go take the laptop only tomorrow afternoon after my class then only can go take for it! I was felt so sad as my Mr Lapp is dump me for 1 weeks already, now I want to dump IT again 1 day! T_T  huhu.. How sad am i that time when i know it! Then i told one of my fren about it, he told me that he will came to fetch me b4 8pm to go take it. At the same time i rejected as i don want to get some problem for him so i rejected but at last he came to fetch me go. Im really appreciate for it~ ^^ thanks so much!!! Erm.. but the result is, when i reach there, it is already closed shop. So means that i need to come back for the next day to take for it~ haiz! Im so sad actually that time.. Moody as well but i don want to let my fren know so i jz pretend like ok only~ Hmm, then my fren sent me back to home again! Reached home, i saw my 2 senior / my neighbour too standing at outside house so i also went there and talk with Adrian and Fred too~ I think about 15 minutes like that then only i went home la. Coz it is just very near~ ^^ hmmm.. then, Adrian sms me that they want go yam cha but i don want.. who ask them to bully just now.. wuakaka.. But suddenly that i sms to them that i want to eat McDonald.. haha.. They said around 1130pm then only go out eat, but that time i scared my mom havent  come back yet so i postpone it to 1145pm. And praise Lord that my mom is back finally at 1130pm.. haha.. so i went to change cloth and ready to go out. And i waited and waited for 10 minutes which is around 1157pm, then oni Adrian came to my house and fetch me.. He told me that Fred is not going because Fred's dad is coming back so Fred cant go out lo, if not he will be kick out from house. So, me and Adrian went to Kingfisher there got a McD Drive thru. We reached there but no parking for it, so we just decided to "tapao"! On the way go home, Adrian ask me to call Stephanie @ Shin Yee, we talked so long and that night, Shin Yee like blur blur de while Adrian also ngong ngong there la! haha..Reached at Fred's outside house, then, suddenly i told Adrian that want to eat Luk Luk or not at Lido there but i don know where is it as b4 im going out, Vivian got mentioned about it so we go fetch Vivian and we did talked phone with Shin Yee again~ haha.. That is a nice memories! When we reached at Lido, the Luk Luk is closed edi~ T_T so sad.. So we when to Foh Sang there eat supper lo.. ><

The following day, 28 Oct which is yesterday oni!! haha.. erm... well, yday was quite tired and happy too~ hehe.. Yesterday morning, my mom called me and told me that asked me to drove to college as she got appointment at hospital likas so cant send me to college and my bro was at Kundasang lo.. So i drive to college, around 1pm i reached at Gaya Street, and i cant find any parking. I already round for 14 times edi at Gaya Street there and finally i got a parking already and guess wat? Is beside Amy's car too... xD hahaa.. After class, went to Karamunsing there to take my beloved Mr Lapp, but it seems like so much problem after service for it~ haiz.. T_T if i know like this, i take my Mr Lapp to let other shop service it.. Coz the shop that i service it like USELESS!!!! When i want to buy this laptop, they are talking those sweet things and also recomment me to buy it and this and that! and they service to customer oso nice, but when you are go to service for it, they even will charge service charge till RM 75!! (i don care abt the $$$, but i care the quality oni) After took my laptop, what it happen ? so many problem like b4! I nvr faced for it b4 but it now happen! T_T haiz... so sad! Hmm.. then, i went to City Mall as thien, amy and Vivian want go yam cha for it~ haha.. so we went to city mall food court there! erm.. after that went to GIANT Hypermarket there to buy things!! And that the most funny time! We go to the keropok section, drink, chocolate, and the ice cream part (those cold cold there) and we are having fun at there! haha.. funny.. Then around 6pm like that we leave city mall~
It was really a good memories for me because i can hang out with them and spending time with them too~ ^^

Hmm, now i was very tired and sleepy! OMG!! and yeah.. today don have any class! haha.. ^^ coz is re-sit exam for the previous sems, hmm.. so bad la abt the laptop.. haiz...

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