I Love Taiwan!!!!

I Love Taiwan!!!!

December 1, 2009

"B" sieeee Sunday + "X"am

Hey readers, sorry for late update my blog..
coz this week is my final exam for the 3rd semster..
*but i really have no heart to study at all, what i had read will be left in right out*
Then, on Sun is my duty of working at my company..
Well, very busy untill 430pm like that and have no time of going to toilet and drink water too since from 10am oh.. adui..
Even i bring my notebook also i din read of it..
Then, erm... at 10am kan, i hvnt open the door yet oh, then got customer at outside of the door there waiting already.. OMG!!
**currently activity is drinking easy way drink as the YOYO is closed up the shop for the renovation oh, and this weeks edi drink for twice edi**
What else i can saying about Sunday?
Just like on Sunday i really busy lo..
and i had earn 1K.. hahaa.. ^_^
hmmmm... what else?

Monday i am having communication skills 3 exam.. and that will be the last paper of communication skills class for me.. haha..
then next year i am going to take the Japanese Language 1,2,3 oo.. wow..
wat else? hmmm
just ntg special la..
from sun till tuesday..

and today is moral subject,
the moral is NOT ENOUGH TIME TO DO IT, NOT REVISION WELL, but what i hope is i will pass my moral then i happy already lo

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