I Love Taiwan!!!!

I Love Taiwan!!!!

December 5, 2009

Visited Suria Sabah

Today is my last day of my exam papers~ yeah!!!!
Customer Service.. actually i din not so concentrate well of my this subject... xD
haha... i don know what is happening..
hmm.. well, today my exam start at 130pm but the lecturer (new lecturer) never saw him before at college~
So i think his clock got problem.. he made 10 minutes early b4 the exam time start.. @_@
haha.. but is ok for me..
then guest what? so soi...
my blue pen no ink!!! T_T
arggh... so terpaksa borrow my dear vivian's pen to me...
then i start with my exam..
write write write...
and almost 1 hours 10mintutes.. finally done my essay part.. but,suddenly the pen no more ink liao..
so i had to ask from Vivian again... @_@ sorry vivian Dear~

then i done my exam and i went out from the classroom and waited Thien, And Vivian at outside there...
but my mom want me walk to Suria there but i don want as i scare of sesat jalan later.. T_T
haha.. so i had to wait my mom came to fetch me n oni together went to Suria there lo.. ^_^
at 1st im quite happy coz i can go Suria with mom n walk walk....
but when i enter there so many "THOSE" people at there and like orang gila there taking picture like nothing!!
hmmmm... then i went to MetroJaya there la.. i saw alots of perfume..
wanted to ask my mom bought 1 for me but she so clever changed topic n go away... =.='''
then mom's workers came edi so mom need to start to do her work as me also following her lo as i don want sesat by meself later.. xD
so went to Toilet there... @_@ guest wat?? i had black list this shopping mall...
Why i black list this shopping mall? hmmmm..=/
coz went i want to wash my hand, n the wash hand things is using sensor de... then i wanted to wash hand at the 1st place there kan, the water so so super dumper big n splash on me n made me whole body wet!!!
and my mom's workers also keep disturbing me n asking for my number.. !!!!! haizzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
i hate this shopping mall... then i  try to use other washing hand place but the water is normal.. T_T
so bad.. can be saying that the water is bullying me... sob...

hmmm... then i become driver.. i sent mom to Tanjung Aru there to take her workings things.. then sent again to Menggatal there to take cheque.. @_@ OMG.. u can imagine that the stupid KK is traffic jam all the way!!
n u can imagine is just walk abit abit and stop brek brek brek... @_@ hate it.... hrrrrr
and today i get my new PHONE!!!!!! wooohooo...
i love it..
but the stupid memory card like not working at all.. hate it!!!!
btw, im loving it...

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