I Love Taiwan!!!!

I Love Taiwan!!!!

December 11, 2009

My 1st Day Family Trip

On 6th December 2009, at 0930am, finally is my FAMILY VACATION.
Well, it is consist of me, mom, dad, little sis, n kakak as well as she never go to other place before kan~ ^_^ so bring her along too..
Then at home oni left my Bro with the dog oni.. (left the cat and the dog at home but they wont be argue up.. xD) ooops, im so bad saying like that...

Hmmm.. we start the journey at 0925am to leave home.. Then we direct go to the Ranau there la..
On the way going there got alots of funny things that i made and my little sis too.. ><
hmmm... then we all very geng..
din sleep at car at all during all the way going to Sandakan...
Our 1st destination will be Sandakan first as following the Sabah Map, we going to Sandakan, then Lahad Datu after that only Tawau~

and guess what? i get my new dream phone which is Sony Ericsson C901. ^^ yeah.. haha..
(but the stupid MEMORY CARD GOT PROBLEM!!!!) :'(
and as usual, i SS alots too and with my little sis as well..

Beside that, we also did pass by the Kundasang, Ranau there..
So we all went down for walk walk awhile
and we go down at the Capital Hotel there la as my little sis want to go there kan..
and u know la my dad so sayang her much kan..
So we all went there lo..
hmmm... we did took some pict and that time the weather is super dumper cold le..
and i am wearing a black t shirt with a short pant lo..
so u guess is cold or not..

Me and my mom with the flower de lo actually.. then my mom came in n kacau my photo.. T_T

My 1st SS pict at my new phone..

 Sis n Me with her PEACE pose...


Around 2pm like that, we reach at Telupid there..
and we got get our lunch at there... Guess what??


See the foods so nice but later got so many flies come..

After finish lunch, we continue our journey lo to Sandakan~ @@
On the way going there, suddenly is traffic jam.. and guess what?
got accident.. adui..

Btw, around 5pm somethings like tat, we reached at Sandakan
and we are going to find Hotel as name La Vinda Hotel..
haiz.. but apa boleh buat since the hotel is free, so... =.='''
terpaksa tinggal for it..
and 1 more, the front ppl is stupid!!!
They exchange my room with my dad's room!!! @_@

So, in the end my dad don want to change room as he get the small room together with my mom and little sis while I get the big room with my kakak oni.. xD
adui.. but my dad said only stay for 1 night oni so, no need to exchange room lo..

Is night time, suppose can meet my Sandakan's frens but my dad la.. go kacau kacau me there.. T_T
so cant meet them jor.. T_T bad bad n sad sad..
hmmm.. we went to eat Seafood as our dinner lo...
We ordered fish, crab, NO PRAWN, and a siput la (chinese is call xiang bi luo)
too bad i din take pict of it.. xD

After dinner, met with my dad's fren and he ask me how old am i?
i answer him im just 19 oni but he go tell my dad im look like 15..
wuakaka.. i don know i should happy or sad.. ^^
After that they chit chat awhile la while we all girls go see the surrounding of the restaurant lo..
then, we like went to the place like Bukit Bendera here to see the whole Sandakan scene..
And i just realise that Sung Siew High School is really a big school
i tot it was small but.. it is not
so totally at all, Sandakan is a place to find a place to eat SEAFOOD!!
and SANDAKAN is a big place as well! ^_^

So for those who stay at Sandakan can be very "xing fu" ooo...
but i will going back to Sandakan asap coz to eat SEAFOOD!! xD

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