I Love Taiwan!!!!

I Love Taiwan!!!!

December 12, 2009

My 2nd Family Day Trip

Well, it is the 2nd day of the Trip.. hmmm..
at nite time not sleep very well as my kakak got KICK me when i was sleeping,
beside that, the downstair the PUB ar, haiz.. until 4am then oni close the shop.. T_T
next, my tummy oso painful, (maybe because of the seafood foods..)
lastly is raining coz it is raining heavy by that night..
so, im not sleep so well about it lo.. haiz...

Morning woke up at 0830am, wash my face brush teeth then change cloths and went to eat breakfast...
We all went to a small market, (i don know what is the name) to eat breakfast...
After that, we went to see Crocodile Farm..
It was very funny la.. ^_^

the Crocodile

Count got how many crocodile..

Crocodile's Show Man

The Little Size Crocodile and the Men...

the guy is PULL the EKOR of Crocodile..

the BIG SIZE Crocodile

Show show time..

After finish watched the Crocodile show, we went to see around again the farm la..
then got a corner is having the fish de..
and we bought a RM1.00 food for fed the fish and u see the fish ar..

see it?? so GELI!!! @_@ yiu..

After that, we went to Orang Utan there to wanted to see monkey..
but it oni start at 3pm oh..
so we went to eat lunch at near Sandakan town there..
and guess what?
i ordered chicken rice but.. @_@

and this i din finish at all..
i just ate 2 spoon oni then i gave to my dad to eat..
1st, the rice so hard to eat
2nd, i order Paha Ayam but it come out with BREAST 
3rd, oily chicken
4th, not taste good
5th, LOUSY service

after finish around 2am like that, we all went to see the Orang Utan there lo..
So we bought ticket lo to go in...
so we wait and wait.. so long.. boring
many ppl at there too
and finally.. !!

the oni Orang Utan

He was waiting for the food actually...

Doing Yoga massage xD

and we realise that This Orang Utan is the oni orang utan left as the people telling us that almost all of it is left to the jungle as now is the fruit season and it is cold weather too..
So all the Orang Utan is going back to Jungle to find foods, fruits, and those other foods la.. xD
around 330pm like that, we left there and wanted went to toilet de.. but scare scare coz got other SECRURITY at there oo..
guess is what?

can u see this??
this kind of monkey very garang de oh..
it know to bite ppl de le...
so, i don dare to go toilet at all lo..

Around 607pm, we finally reached at Lahad Datu there lo... and we checked in hotel edi..
the hotel very nice..
i love it so much..
the hotel name is call Asia Hotel..
**my dad requested connecting room but don have.. wuakaka..
im so happy.. xD **

and during bath time i washed my cloths, then i told my mom that i washed my cloth, my dad heard and scold me and asked me how to get dried of it?
but u know Amanda Lee is not stupid at all de lo..
so i had call to houseKeeping Department there to request a Iron things.. xD
so me n kakak just like guai guai sui sui at room there to iron the cloth..

this is the Asia Hotel's room
nice.. big... cold..

And during night time, we ate SEAFOOD dinner again!! Oh My Goodness, im gonna faint for it.

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