I Love Taiwan!!!!

I Love Taiwan!!!!

December 2, 2009

Tueday Holiday

Tuesday just like a normal day for me because i felt like want holiday already..
Then, this morning woke up quite late lo~
hmmm.. around 10am i think.. as my little sis also sleep lo.. hahaha..
din do ntg much things.. just webcam with Jinn lo~
she is working at church 2nd day edi..
and i want to buy somethings from her..
haha.. :P
hmmm... then also got webcam with Julian n she took photo with my n Jinn~ ahhh... =.='''
bad bad Julian
**Counting down of going to vacation with family, so i cant be online.. but im thinking of want to bring my laptop n broadband or not to go there.. hahaha.**
then i got sent my kakak to Penampang there to met her cousin as she want to "kirim" $$$ to her kampung..
so i become the driver la.. hahaha..
on the way going out, i saw Cikgu Adrian.. ahhaha.. he is just beside my car oni.. xD
and he is going to Stella Maris there to jaga the SPM students la..
hmmm.. then went to Centre Point to drop my kakak to go to the Currency Shop there to change the $$$ to Rupiah lo..
and then i asked them to tapao Mc Donald for me.. xD clever kan..
Then drive home..
Reach home doing ntg so just study abit for the Customer Service..
i want fast fast finish my exam~

then nite time, erm... i did webcam with my cousin at Ipoh de.. haha..
his UPSR results get 5A's n 2B's oo... ^_^  *proud of him*
hmm.. n her mom which is my aunt bought him a laptop and also a new phone.. haha
and yea, im feeling sad now.. (1155pm)

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