I Love Taiwan!!!!

I Love Taiwan!!!!

December 29, 2009

28th Dec

Well, yesterday i woke up quite early as yday nite i slept around 7-8pm sumthings like that.. and i din took my dinner then i just go oi oi oh..Because it was totally tired for me..
For week can said that everyday going out.. xD LOL!!!
Even thou can go out but it is tired...
and on Sunday tat time i suppose can go home at 4pm, but because 1 of my fren - bad Melvin keep begging me to met him after my work since from Sunday on 12pm - 315pm ar, then oni i promise him to go out after my work...

Mel bring me to Lintas (Upperstar) there, then suddenly got phone called him to take the cup cake so drive jalan lagi to Kepayan there i think to take the Cup Cake..
The Cup cake was nice i think... @@
Then reach again at Lintas and he parked the same place of it.. **Faint**
Then met with his frens while i was doing nothing at there coz all i oso don know de...
so i just diam diam at there la...

Well, stop talking about Sunday.. is suppose to said yesterday~ ^^
After i sent my car to workshop cause of my bro kena bang it so need to sent to repair for it..
and this week i tot i got car to go out de lo.. but.. haiz..
so soi the car kena bang...
and felt pity of the car coz like don know 1 yrs kena bang how many times  liao.. @@
hmmm.. so after sent it mom bring me go eat breakfast at inanam there lo..
then home n i on9..

my BFF - Elaine asked me want go gai gai or not?
i said ok coz i don want be at home as that time i just argued with my little sis..
my little sis was really annoiying.. haiz..
i don know why i will get this sis?
btw, finally we are going out.. xD
need to say thanks for Elaine's Dad for fetch us to Town for shopping.. ^^ weeee

and finally we reached at CP.. erm.. quite many ppl lo.. and "those ppl" lo.. (knw what i mean rite)
so we go for McD for eat our lunch and we met "FIREBALL" xD
but we don care about the "FIREBALL".. haha.. coz like she everyday oso at there de.. LOL!
so we ordered our Mc Value Lunch...
and suppose can ask jinn2 to join us for lunch but she will busy..
After finish lunch, we start our shopping time.. weekeke...
erm.. we start from Palm Square there 1st.. then oni we just go down..
We had enter so many cloths shops, but we came out with nothing oso.. (tangan kosong)
so we went to D&M shop, i saw a shirt which is very nice.. so i just BOOKING it and we continue round the shop 1st...
Suddenly Elaine saw a dress actually, very nice, got pink, purple and black..
haha.. we take the dress to testing it...
i took pink colour and she took black i think..
and the result is ..

The Blue shirt which i bought it
and just cost me of RM20 oni..

The Weird Pink Dress.. yi..
not suite me but suite Elaine..

After that, we walk round round again, and we enter n enter shop again but
our conclusion is "from outside saw so many cloths but when go in to the shop can go out within 1 minutes"
then we go to Warisan there la.. ^^
haha.. and guess what?

We go in to D&M shop again... and Finally Elaine try again the dress..

she scared.. xD

nah.. see..
she very pretty rite.. ^^
and finally she bought it.. yeah!!!

and we walk walk walk walk, we went to Padini Shop lu..
and i bought a Sunglasses... xD
and we also went to The Face Shop there too..
so my harvest for today is



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