I Love Taiwan!!!!

I Love Taiwan!!!!

November 28, 2009

Working Sat

Need to say a big big HAPPY BLESSED BIRTHDAY TO Gordon Lee - Budus!

Well, today as usual i woke up around 9am somethings like that, then i was busy kacau my dog..
haha.. help him to bath.. but he so noti, he go bite at me.. *BAD BOY*
Hmm.. after that, left me n kakak at home oni..
we din do much things but we had alots of fun things.. i had made soya bean... ^_ ^
the taste so nice.. i love it...
**oops, i 4get i had promised 2 ppl to made herbal n pudding**
Hmm... then around 1130am somethings, i started my revision as previous fews days keep going out with frens & family too.. haha..
So i started my revision.. then around 1245pm like that, Chipmunk is calling me and said asked me to go out to accompany him.. so i was promised n said ok and give me 15 minutes 1st to let me bath.. xD
Around 1pm like that, he reached at UNCLE FRED's house..
So both of them chit chat awhile lo..
i was thinking of Fred is going out with us, but he said that his dad at home so he need to stay at home lo..
So we left home and went to Lintas there to eat "Sheng Rou Mian" ooo... @_@
What else le?
Then after lunch, went to City Mall for working..
What a bored day to me again..
I do not know abt how am i going to pass my day tomorow..
But today im clever coz i did bring my Moral Notes book go there study..
and that is my life for today.. xD


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