I Love Taiwan!!!!

I Love Taiwan!!!!

November 18, 2009


Well, today i felt more more release as my cs3 presentation of group assignment is done!!
feel so happy coz this few nite keep OT and OT, and finally all things is done~ ^_^
i love this kind of feeling..
while tomorow my frens - Vivian and Thien stil got Moral Presentation..
but don worry la..
i think they are the 1st or 2nd group de la..
haha.. Hmmm....
Now i only left of the Customer Service Assignment and the Communication Skills 3 interview oni~
Cant wait for it! ^_^
**sorry guys, im too excited of it**

Erm.. after that will be the Final Exam lo..
wow.. actually i was waiting when is my graduation day?
But if i like counting like day by day, the time so slow to pass, so, i decide to do not count it but i just wait the day pass it day by day and also enjoy my life at college as someone told me that after i graduate kan, i cant do somethings that in the office or during working so i just enjoy my life at college!

Hmmm.. what else?
well.. i will be getting my long long long 1 months holidays!! oooo..
Tell me what am i going to do beside im go working ok??
i hate it! working like ntg oso.. T_T hmmm.. what what what activities???
hang out, shopping, oooo.. i love it.. wakakakaka..
oh ya, dad go Labuan outstation again!! haha..
so, i will be waiting for the CHOCOLATE again!!
Yummy yummy.. addicted with chocolate again!! wuakaka...
what else

oh ya, 2mr gonna watch 2012 with Vivian, Amy, and Thien~
and ELAINE & EVELYN is coming back!! ^_^ 
Can go out shopping with them!! yes yes!!!!

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