I Love Taiwan!!!!

I Love Taiwan!!!!

November 10, 2009

Vivian's Sweet 18th Surprise Birthday~

Viivan Wong!! Happy Blessed Birthday to you!!! ^^v 

hahahaha.. suppose wanted to celebrate her bday on today~ but sama juga on 12am~ ^_^ 
hehe.. i was planning of going to her house with some close friends at ATI de and buying a cake to going her house for celebrate! guess what!!?? is WORK!!!! yeah!!! happy happy.. :) 
Yday when i went home from mid term exam, i was msn to Thien, and Adrian~ Asking them if like tonight going to Vivian's house for giving her a surprise bday want or not? They all said ok so i was start planning of it~
At 1st i was asking Adrian of sending me going to Damai there (Strawberry Cake House) to buying a cake 1st then oni went home lo as the cake shop where got open for 24hours le? So on 8pm going to buy cake at there~ haha.. Fred was becoming my "BODY GUIDED" ...And we were choose n choose.. keep looking.. Finally got a result.. which is Apple Cheese Cake~ 

tada~ the bday cake! ^_^ 

Then, after buying cake, sent us back home again as 1130pm went out again to Vivian House with Adrian n Fred and as well oso Amy and Thien too.. Erm.. so i went home for going to online want prepared of some assignment of CS3 la.. ^_^ and Finally done! haha..

Now waiting for 1130pm! Waiting for Adrian and Fred done then can go liao! 1155pm like that, reach at Vivian's outside house and we were off the car engine as don want let her know we all at there! hahaa.. We were at her house for doing preparation~ and i will show u the photo la.. i lazy want to write..

She get shocked when we all at outside her house.. xD
This is called SURPRISE!!!!
and she kept asked: "why u all at here"? but sadly is no one answer her question n keep SKIP!

Bday gurl received the bday cake!

the 2 guys always together
Fred and Adrian

Having fun time
Amy n Thien

 Suppose we cut cake for bday girl but mana tau bday girl yang cut to us! 

Vivian said: "haha.. thanks u guys so muchie.."

Oh ya, this is the oni strawberry.. and guess what?
The bday gurl let me eat.. ^_^
coz she knw i love to eat strawberry!
thanks so much!!! XOXO

Vivian: "Adrian, u don luan luan lai ar, i still counting u hutang me"
xD hahaa.. :P

Adrian said: "got meh?? yier.. sad"

Amy said: "ooo.. stop it stop it.. it make me crying now.."
Thien said: "ooo.. wont la.. aiyo... come.. i tell u more.."

and this photo.. =.='''
both of them keep bullying each other.. =.='''
Ask Thien to capture pict mana tau kena bully by Adrian.. @_@

And ya, we are getting having alots of funs, talks as well~ haha.. it was quite nice.. During Vivian want to blow cake, then we also got call to Shin Yee.. ^_^ haha..

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