I Love Taiwan!!!!

I Love Taiwan!!!!

November 18, 2009

giving up

For just someone i knew; not so closed; not so ..
i don know how to say
why u want me to met u up
i felt sad after i knew abt the pict of it
u said u don have, but exactly u got
but, why u want lie on me
i hate i trust on u
why u talk those words on me?
how u want me to think that it is serious?
u text me u said everythings all but actually is fake
Why u want to do that on me?
I also got feeling de ok?
Why u want to do on me?
Nothing to do? Finish eat meals n ntg to do?
Or im just a doll for u?
Or u think that im open minded so u can play with me until like that?
Why ??
I hate myself that i trust you and i hate u!!
Why ??
i really don understand?
just 2 days only u text me like that, but now i knew about it~
Finally i saw it!!!
and, i knew it!
YOU r the one just now saying about it!

But why when i ask you u din tell me?
I hate myself!
I angry myself as i angry you too!
U LIE!!!!
I don want to talk with u anymore
i don want to text with u too!
Im really stupid!
I just don know you well why i want to trust you easily ?

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