I Love Taiwan!!!!

I Love Taiwan!!!!

July 8, 2009

What a Boring Wednesday

Aiya~ today as usual i din go to college.. haha.. Coz no class ma..
So why want go to college?
Excellent college wah?? haiz..
Don know am i choosing the right college or not?
no safety? not get back the stuff that we had paid! lousy facilities!
well, today i quite early wake up, is around 930am i think...
but lazy to wake up n brush teeth n wash face,
so, lying on bed while playing my phone game! haha..
Then around 1030am then only wake up n wash face.. keke..

hmmm.. after that, wat did i done? oh.. i doing my assignment lo.. the "reservation and ticketing" de.. haiz.. so hard... don knw that what the lecturer ask us to do oso..
just can say like copy n paste from the internet.. because that is the reality.. cannot change it oso to me!! adui! don know la.. i no energy liao!

After that around afternoon time im playing Facebook lo.. playing 2 new games, 1 is " sushi is no suki" and 1 is "Guitar seek" LOL! haha.. am i bored? hmm... i think so!

Wat else?? My neck getting better le.. For my Frens that had read my blog and sms me about my neck, now more better liao.. thx for concern oh!! ^_^

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