I Love Taiwan!!!!

I Love Taiwan!!!!

July 2, 2009


Haiz.. Finally it is over already! All the ribut-ribut has gone!! Let it gone and it will be become history! And you will be having the new life if you are getting to forget about everythings that you hate! Then you will realise that actually this world is so big and there is nothing else that you can hate so much! Take a deep breathe and let it realease of it!

Well, hmm.. let me think that what am i suppose to get to this blog? My mind is got alots of points but i do not know that from which point i need to start at first? Hmmm.... (enjoying my Strawberry Ice Cream while thinking) ....

Well, okie~ i think i start with my study first la! hmm... About my study, what can i say about it? I hate the school facilities... so Lousy betul la the facilities even the TOILET!! oh my gosh!! =.=''' im rather to pay the RM0.20 at the public toilet there oso do not want to go to my college's washroom!!! haha! Beside that, the classroom (example like light, chair, even whiteboard) oso like.. LOUSY!! haiz.. We paying so much money but in the end return of what? NOTHINGS!!!

Don say about it.. haiz.. Then about my family? If last time you ask me a question, :'between mom and dad, which 1 you like the more?" hmm.. If last time, i will definately answer you "MOM"! Because along all the ways of my life, i felt that my dad is like a BAD DAD in my life!! Coz he did alots of wrong things to my mom, my brother and even me! I hate him! But now, if you are asking this question of Today, maybe i might be answer "both gua".. haha.. Why? Because i know most of the parents are very BIAS to their children! haha.. Example, my mom Sayang well of my brother.. then my dad is super dumper damn sayang my little sister.. Then how bout me? Im in the middle like don know go which side? Left or Right? (T.T) sob sob.. haiz.. i also do not! So, i felt like im the stupid children in this family like no people want to love me/ care me! haiz.. Coz we do not know that when is our parents are going to be into a good mood or bad mood? They are like the "gunung berapi". do not know when will be meletup! haha.. funny right?

Well, don said about it.. Change it to my frens relationship! my frens relationship all the ways in my life is NO PROBLEM untill i met with this 2 stupid gal + 3 stupiak boys = BAD FRENS THAT HURTS ME N BLAME ME BUT THEY DO NOT KNOW THEY ARE WRONG!!!!! I'm really hurt of its! Until now even this 2 years we did not contact to each other, but they still don know they are doing wrong.. haiz.. i don know what ways that can make them wake up!! Feel pity to them! Because now 5 of thems get the BAD BALASAN already!! Dai sei!!! But, i don care la.. not of my business also!

So, talk about what? wow.. so many things i wrote now?? wowowo~ haha.. i think i should stop at here and continue to do my assignment.. otherwise i have no time to do for it!! huhuhu..

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