I Love Taiwan!!!!

I Love Taiwan!!!!

July 21, 2009

1 more Tuesday hour class again!

Today, early in the morning of 230am!!!!!! my kakak ask me to wake up?? wat the hell!!!! i just sleep so nice tu!! she ask me to wake up to accompany her to go toilet?? wah liao eh, then go back to sleep again!! =.=''' mau lit oh me terus!! zha dao!!!

Then at 610am, wake up again coz need to sent little sis to sch! traffic jam tu! adui! don play play! haha.. :P

erm.. then go damai fu yuen there eat b'fast ( kuey teow and chicken wing) with Teh C Ping.. yummy.. but too full oh!! haha.. then go to college!!

adui~ 1 hr class tu!! the lecturer ask: "what did you all guys learn abt it for this few months?"
Amanda n Amy: PISANG GORENG with the voice berbisik bisik AND
suddenly Emma : PISANG GORENG with a loud voice, so me, Amy, Vivian n Steph oso laugh!! haha.. coz we are not dare to talk abt the PISANG GORENG ba! but mana tau Emma go said it!! haha.. funny! ^_^

Yeah, the finance mid term postpone to 30 July oh.. haha.. happy! at least i got time to study o~ >.<

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