I Love Taiwan!!!!

I Love Taiwan!!!!

July 11, 2009

All Saints Bazaar + Upperstar Dinner

Well, today is SM ALL SAINTS' Bazaar!!!! ahaha.. :P then, guest wat? i wake up at 0800am.. then bath.. everythings and wait for my Fren (Sherona) to come to my house and we both together go to school~ And, IM DRIVING!! (^_^) haha.. happy happy! Hooorray!!

Reach at the juction of sch, saw alots of cars oh.. traffic jam lagi! adui! =.='' so i was decide to park at the Giant there? mana tau round with 3 round, NO PARKING!! sad.. then i went turn out.. i go to the outside of the sch.. mana tau got.. so faster to put signal and parking in! Hooya! >.<

After that, i meet with my k koko (Jason) with 2 girls.. don know who is them but i don care la.. haha.. erm.. after that oso got met my frens too la.. Like Chee Yung, Wilfred, Vincent, Yvonne, Shana, Evelyn, Tze Jin, Jason, Sherona, Aaron, Janice, Ko Yin, ... and many mores too! I oso got met with my teacher too, like Pn Fung, Cikgu Suriati, Cikgu Bala, Cikgu Adrian, Cikgu Dulipa, Cikgu Elicia, Cikgu Filonia, Cikgu Hazel, Cikgu Khairul oh.. haha.. luckily i still can remember some of the teacher name! and i was happy is Cikgu Jeanie Yong is recognise me even thou she never teach me but we took a photo.. so Happy to see her.. she was already patient from All Saints but she did got tuition with the student too..

Then, i was round and round the school almost 4 - 5 times.. adui! like nothing also.. not so "meriah" as my time at Bazaar.. hmm.. sad.. don know wat happen? like no feeling of the bazaar de?? =.=''' then, i met alots of junior frens of my school too even thou i already complete my form 5 but like my name still with them! haha.. Don know la.. keke.. (like perasan nie me~ LOL)

Next, wat i was shocked is, the 1st time im working at BestMart there (now become Giant Kolombong), i met with my ex - colleaguea!! OMG!! she is totally changed and fat edi!! haha.. we long time din see each other liao.. adui!! really miss her la.. hahah... luckily we did take each other contact number.. haha.. Even, Vincent oso said she changed alots too~

Wat else le? hmmm... this year the Bazaar like nothing to buy oso.. haiz.. don know wat happen? and also less people to going there too! T.T Around 1140am like that, we left the sch!! and im sending back Sherona, Jinn and Elaine back home. (and honestly is if count of my fren who ever sit at my car is Sherona is the 1st person, and 2nd and 3rd is Jinn and Elaine)

Hmm.. wat else le? After sent 3 of them home, i oso went back home too.. that time almost 1pm liao.. hmm... then? wat else? oh ya, i jz bought 2 yoyo drink, 1 box of cookies, and 1 cheese cake which all only cost me RM 20 only.. =.='''

then, just now last minutes i was going to wisma merdeka as my dad got something to do! and i bought 2 things.. 1 is the necklace Butterfly with RM 210~ and i bought a high heel shoe too.. RM 35.90! just in 1 hours i can use so much money edi.. oh no!!

^_^ then, now i realise that my parents like "Fang Xin" to let me drive alone already! coz if last time they are don let at all, but bcoz of 2nite i need to eat dinner with Shireen, Ah Sa and Joyee so my parents let me drive alone.. im realise nowadays they are let me to more freely already! happy so much coz if last time they will keep say "NO" but now is they just nodding they head.. haha.. don know is good things or bad things?

Then, jz now i go eat dinner, i heards alots of POLITICS of my office! haiz.. and other office too!! adui! i don know how? i don know i should believe the right side or the left side? i was like standing in the middle and kena tarik to kiri and kanan.. don know how? haiz.. blur at all!! so i jz listen only and enjoy my meals but the meals cacat!! =.=''''

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