I Love Taiwan!!!!

I Love Taiwan!!!!

July 24, 2009

Exciting Friday

Well, today is friday.. hmm.. what was so exciting le? well.. today i got mid term exam of Recreation Tourism oh... Well, i did do my revision b4 my exam and yday study as well! haha..

Then, when jz now the exam paper come kan.. WAH!!!!!!! the Q is so so so so! half easy and half hard oh.. hmm!!! i scare tat i will fail oh.. haiz!! T.T

then, today is my bro's b'day lo.. then i don know that what is he thinking abt? but pity him oso la, coz his's gf left him too la.. coz need to go back to Perth for study ma.. (i hope that both of them will be loving each other more more lo.. )

hmm.. then wat else? today is cs2 presentation oh.. all of my frens already present.. now left me.. then next week again.. T.T haiz... don know how? T.T
Monday, OB mid term, Thursday, finance n R&T Mid term.. Fri, presentation.. (im gonna bring my laptop to sch).. hrrrr~~~

erm.. what else? this weeks n next week gonna going to be a busy weeks! adui!! faint!!

Tmr gonna going to Kiulu Water Rafting!!! haiz!!! suppose going to Kudat Trip, but~ now kena paksa going to the Kiulu Water Rafting there!! mao lit!! haiz!!

wat to do?


Anonymous said...

Good luck in your up coming exam paper :)


Manda's Life said...

thx~ ><