I Love Taiwan!!!!

I Love Taiwan!!!!

July 22, 2009

Congratulations to Shireen Mama and Sean~

haha! suppose is i write this blog is yday nite time de.. but i don know wat was happen ma~ so, this morning i woke up straight go online and write this blog edi!
Shireen Mama gave birth already!! =) happy~ ^_^ and finally the naughty baby boy is come out to this world liao~ (w.E.l.C.o.M.e) ^^v

Shireen Mama gave birth at SMC there, and the BB came out to this world around 9.24pm, 37 weeks ++ and is it about 2.82kg~ ^_^ oooo... so sweeet my dear baby boy~

Wonder how is the look of Baby~ i really want to go see!!! i want i want!!!! i want to see the BB is look like who~ i want to see!!!

I hope i can go see the baby boy rite now oh.. but... i don know which room~ ahaha. :p

Anyway, i will try to ask Shireen Mama abt it!! ^_^ hehe..

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