I Love Taiwan!!!!

I Love Taiwan!!!!

December 24, 2010

Taiwan Trip 3rd Day (16 Dec 2010)

My drunk face. =.=lll
Today morning call at 730am.. 
Coz our itineraries can be late a little bit wake up and not so much places to go! 
Well, and of coz yesterday i do drink TAIWAN BEER again!!! xD 
And guess what? It really taste so nice when the 1st time get into the throat, just like the 1st time drink a coke with so many gas inside.. =] *Love it* 
anyway, today, we went to Mei Nong Hakka Village which more far from the GaoShiung Town~ Erm.. If i not mistakes it took abt 1 hrs 10 minutes like that.. 
In the Mei Nong Hakka Village is a traditional cultural Hakka Handicrafts, such as hand - make umbrella, bamboo handicrafts etc. and now is picture time!! Taaadaaaaa~~~ 

This is the hand - make baby sleeping place (Yao lan)
The Chair 
and of coz not to forget to capture myself inside this nice and beautiful scene lo..
Thanks to my tour leader - Civic help me took this photos even thous im cold! @_@'''
After that, we are going to have our lunch at this Mei Nong Hakka Village.. 
Well, before our lunch, we are having the group photos!! 
ding ding ding~~~
This is our group photos~~~

Then we having our nice and delicious lunch~~ Yummy!! Not bad la.. keke..
then, is time for buying souvenirs!!
so many i bought for my frens.
got 4 packs is i done myself de.. ^_^ satisfied with my own product.. xD 
Next destination will be going to Fo Guang Shan. There is a place that Taiwan's Buddhist Holy Place, and it's also a Buddhist Center in Southern Taiwan. 
This is the main entrance. 
and the place seriously very nice!! Quite and calm... =] 
Behind is the place... 
This is the one the biggest Buddha's Statues with the surrounding of thousands - millions with it..
Next destination, will be he British Consulate which the British Consulate is located at the small hill of West Bay, which was built in 1865. It is the construction of foreign nationals as the first Taiwan's Consulate, as well as the first building Western Style Building in Taiwan. 

Last destination is going to Xin Jue Jiang Night Market which is another known well night market at Gao Shiung. 

This is the night market with famous 1st stall is the smelly taufu!! =.=lll 
Too bad the weather at this night market is super cold make me cant stand for it anymore..
So me and Civic went to a coffee shop and drink a Vanila Chocolate!!
Yummy!! Is nice and warm~~ =]

End of the tours

Went back to hotel to take a bath and rest then 1030pm, went out to drink beer again!!!
Im so addicted with the Taiwan Beer~~ 

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