I Love Taiwan!!!!

I Love Taiwan!!!!

December 22, 2010

Taiwan Trip (14 Dec)

Well, that day is the most excited day which i waiting for longer time already..
On 13 Dec night, i done all my luggage packing and double check with it..
Beside that, i also sleep early too.. Around 1020pm i already fall asleep..
And during the time, i was wondering alots of things..
For example : How would be the tour guide lead us? How is the places gonna to be? How is the tour leader?? and many mores!!

Ring ring ~~~ Ring Ring~~~ (My phone alarm clock Rang)
I jump down from Bed, and directly went to wash face, brush teeth n wash my hair as well..
I was really excited for it..
Then after i done, is time to say Bye Bye KK and Hello Taiwan!!!

On the way going to Airport, i was sending my msg to my all dearies fellow friends to saying that im leaving.. =]
erm.. i know is too early but at least hor i will sent msg saying that "bye~~" xD wakakaka....

Reach airport, erm.. meet the tour leader..
He not bad... Not so sombong as well, not cool de.. xD
not handsome but ok ok la.. still can see his faces.. xD and he is friendly, helpful, and kind as well..
What else?? He helped us alot too.. And he got explained many things to us as well..
For temporarily, he is ok with us.. and guess what?? I met with my BM Teacher at airport, and she is joining the same group packages with me too.. =] 
inside the airport, i found out that got a tour leader name Mr. Chin, he is Matthew Paul's tour leader, even thou that he is noisy inside the airplane, but he just only doing his working for it. 
I believe that someday i oso might will be doing like his way. 

Going up to Airplanes, he arranged and make sure those seat to us.
After that, take plane and reach at Taiwan!!!
Finally my leg step in Taiwan!!!! im the most excited!!!
haha.. and guess what? i met the tour guide there name "Xiao Yang"..
He is the short short guy, fat, round tummy.. @_@ haha...
but the 1st time is i saw him like very garang, LC, and also not a easy communicate person!

So we all going up to Bus.. =] starting to have our 1st itineraries which is going to Tai Zhong for going to Doraemon Theme Park!
- Doraemon Theme Park is the Taiwan's 1st theme in miniature set with scale down 1/25 proportion of multi - purpose buiding with a world - reowned cultural theme park, buildings, and peoples it covers the main well - known places and building in Taiwan. It is also the mainland China, the Americans, Asia, Europe, Africa and others places as well with now the new Doraemon Theme Gallery.
Inside the Doraemon Theme Park, the weather is totally killing us! Is cold!!! T.T Make me so cold, freezing until i jump here n there when i came down from tour bus.

Reach there, we are having our lunch... and all of it is 8 vegetables + meat with 1 soup ~~ Oh my GOD!!
Is totally full!!! After lunch, is time to Play!!!
I hold my little sis to play around!!! @_@'''
The weather seriously is very cold!
I love the 1st indoor game inside there.. is scary!!! T.T
It made me almost want to faint already and it exciting actually..
Anyway, see photos is the best way!

After that, around 4pm like that, we all went into the bus again.. 
Inside the Doraemon Theme Park, i starting to talk some topic with the tour leaders. 
His name is Civic, 34 years old, had enough experience with 12 years in leading inbound and outbound in tourism.. He got a wife and 1 9 months daughter. He also open up a "托儿所" - such like kindagarden like that. 
After that, we both trying to talk and exchange experience to each others. 
erm... what else??
Next destination will be going to Tai Zhong - Yi Zhong Night Market 一中夜市. Yi Zhong Nigh Market is a famous night market with super famous BBQ Chicken Steak, Eggs, Guava as well. 
But before that, our destination before at Yi Zhong Night Market is going to eat Steamboat as the weather is made all of us so cold.. 

Finally, in the end reach hotel and can sleep liao lo.. =] 
But, haha.. im going out to drink Taiwan Beer ^^v 
not bad cause the Taiwan Beer just content with 4.5% alcoholic only.. 

**For the readers, if u had added me in FB, u can view all the Taiwan's photos, but for the blogger readers, i will try to upload as much as i can..** 

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