I Love Taiwan!!!!

I Love Taiwan!!!!

September 18, 2009

& Finally im FREEE

Hey my all readers..
welcome to my blogger again~
today im so happy~
because im now in holiday mood and Raya mood..
BTW, i'm oso at the Xmas mood too even it is still far far away from me..
ahaha.. (^_^ )
What else?
Im now on my holidays mood on 2 weeks~
yeah!! ^^v
Oh yeah, tonight i got my 1st holidays plan..
which is going to church for the Doulos International Night oh..
i had invited Felix (the cat) and Anthony (the Ma Yi) to going too..
haha.. both of them macam kena paksa but don care..
coz they are having their holidays too~
2 weeks holidays!!
hoorray!!! ahaha
actually on Wednesday nite, i was feel really lonely..
even thou i have him~ haiz..
and, we almost get into different world too..
felt like im far from him already
what ever he done like i don know
i din even know that what is he doing as well~
i don knw what he is thinking in his mind too
i was like don knw everything anything from him..
how am i going?
i was felt sad~
that night i want to find my fren at my phone list,
i found 1 (elaine) but,
i scare i will be mafan her ..
coz she need to do assignment and exam as well..
but i did sms to her..
i asked her what she doing..
she said she want to sleep edi, so i don want to disturb her..
i turn off my phone..
i felt useless of myself..
even my phone list got 209 name frens,
but i was like cant find even 1 people to talk about it..
i was cried for the whole night til no more tears i can drop anymore..
while my eyes is just like the panda so bengkak at all..
I was thinking of going to drive to beach to hear the wave sound,
but is too late~
n i know that my parents sure don let me go out~
so i oni can stay at room (my bed) and crying with hugging a bear~
i don know what should i do actually?
even i hear song i oso will cry~ T.T
i might be too emotional much~ haiz


Anonymous said...

Even my name might be in the phone list, but u din look for me as well... sad~

Manda's Life said...