I Love Taiwan!!!!

I Love Taiwan!!!!

September 19, 2009

Doulos International Night at All Saints Cathedral Church

Tonights, is gonna being of the Doulos International Night at All Saints Cathedral Church~
Wow.. it was amazing.. because at Hosana Hall can be fit of 600 people in a hall~
well, tonight is gonna the best night.. haha..
because the Doulos member had present a great and well perfomance ^_ ^
it was really nice..
the most part i like is the Taekwando Part.. because they are using the Taekwando technique and combine with dance too~ it was nice and great~
but as Jinn Jinn said, it will be hard and it need time to practice for it~
It is really funny and nice~ haha..
Even my friend - Felix and Anthony oso will be keep laughing of it..
But i need to say sorry because like made them felt hot at Pavilion there and also a BIG THANK YOU for JINN JINN as she did not dump me as well ^_^
Erm.. also a big thank you to Felix and Anthony too as they are willing to coming too~
hmm.. what else?

They also have introduce some of the member Doulos that where they are coming from and they also have a great performance too~
Hmm.. what else?
I think this is for today..
hahaha.. coz im sick and tired..
i need to sleep early as tomoro is working..
how i wish i don want to working anymore,
because... hmm

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