I Love Taiwan!!!!

I Love Taiwan!!!!

September 13, 2010

Skin 79

Recently i am using Skin 79 this Korea Product.. But its nice... ^_^

SKIN79 is for all users and troublesome skin problems to provide effective and confidential products combined with natural plant extracts and advanced science to produce exquisite skin care cosmetics. SKIN79 have work out many types of skin care products, one of the most famous and popular is the BB Cream, SKIN79 ongoing efforts to develop products, the aims is to give users and those who have skin problems, to become beautiful, confident and healthy. In the production process, SKIN79 strictly selected the high-quality materials and made the excellent performance products, allowing users’ skin recover to the perfect.

SKIN79 internal professionals adopting the best scientific and continue research effective resources and materials to solve the user's skin problems and amendments to skin problems, to achieve the desired skin cells.

SKIN79 not only simply for a quality of life, but also using the effective materials, make the skin less susceptible to environmental pollution, healing of the skin, and make the skin free to rest and clean all the day.
SKIN79 continuous research and product innovation to fit the customers’ demand, continue to provide innovative and effective medical functional products to users and consumers.

SKIN79 constantly is developing innovative products, while looking for natural information and materials made of effective skin care products, giving skin a natural protected environment.

SKIN79 products use natural materials, maintenance of skin health, materials, suitable for all skin types, and safety for users.
April 11, 1990 was South Korea's Ministry of Social Health Section 575 specified, followed by South Korea in July 1992 the Ministry of Social Care Bill has been amended as No. 615 in. ISO9000 international quality assurance system, integrated manufacturing and health benefits of food and drug safety and quality assurance systems, ARC to amend the Office of Drug Safety Notice No. No. 1999-38.

SKIN79 companies accepted the CGMP standards and be recognized by CGMP as an excellent cosmetic manufacturers.
SKIN79 in the October 20, 2004, has begun the research, development and manufacture of cosmetics, also has obtained ISO9001 quality system certification. SKIN79 won numerous awards, including innovation management and innovative product development, but also obtained certification in 2008 SME business innovation.

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