I Love Taiwan!!!!

I Love Taiwan!!!!

September 19, 2010

Exam again

Next week Friday gonna be my 1st paper of exam which is ICT~
I really hope that i can do well in my exam..
Because this is my 5th Semester, and along this all semester, my result average can be saying very good level..
Coz every time i keep talk to myself that i will be study more hard than other people..
and as you know that this Tourism this industry..
so i don want to disappointed my family..
and ya.. ^^

erm.. currently im doing the Japanese 2 Diary.. OMG~~
Is hard because i don know what i can write at the diary by using Japanese words.. T_T
hmmmm.. what else? Monday till Thursday im gonna to study and write out the all the tips out.. =]
so i might be seldom online this week..

This month many things happen on me..
2 weeks i less online coz of some reason.. ^_^
erm.. and what things? got sweet, bitter, sour and spicy.. @_@ faint of this..

Mooncake Festival is coming soon~
and now my dinner table is full of the mooncake.. @@
Got from Tai Tong, MultiBake, Port View Seafood Restaurant, and 1 more but i don know what name.. =.=lll
anyway, im gonna study!!!! GO!!!!

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