I Love Taiwan!!!!

I Love Taiwan!!!!

September 21, 2010


Well, as my title said, im very disappointed to someone which i really trust her, believe her and listen to her everythings.. Since i was small, i edi respect her.. but today.. i wont be so stupid anymore!!
Why? because she totally can be 2 snake heads people~
Just take example for today, i told her that today i want to go cut hair at my friend's aunt house.. She knew i go out with who~ But, when her useless husband ask about me, she said she don know!!! and i got msg to her that i will go out with my friend to cut hair only~~ But what did she said? "I don know oh, you din tell me at all also".. I really felt so disappointed at her!!!! I'm very angry~~ Beside that, another case that happen.. Which is, the car just now cant start the engine.. so i called the useless son to ask what happen? Then that time i was at my house car park and it is so noisy~~ But those people thought of that i shout at the useless people~~ So i din care much about it!!!!!
After that, he very smart!!! WHY??? Coz he go complaint to the useless ppl's dad that i shout at the ppl!!! DAMN IT!!!!!!!! I really hate with this family!!!!!
I want to leave this house asap!!!
I don want to stay at here anymore!!!
Even my youngest sister also can be bully me like hell~~ What for i live here?
The stupid useless dad said im useless.. OK, im fine with it!!! I wont be helping with anythings when they got trouble!!!! Never and ever!!! Whatever they wanted to request~~~ i wont help!!! This is my rule!!! i wont care them anymore!! Last time im stupid said in future i want to take care of them~ But now!!! NO!!!!!


Anonymous said...

dont be sad~~~
you still got your friends around you~~~

Manda's Life said...

To Anonymous, Haiz...