I Love Taiwan!!!!

I Love Taiwan!!!!

August 26, 2009

Wednesday Working Life

Hi guys..
Today, is my first day of Wednesday working.. haha..
Guess what?
Early in the morning oso got customer came in to office and asking about the air ticket of going to Tawau..
both of this couple are from Hong Kong, what the memory is the customer (uncle) is very childish n very funny.. haha..
he kepts make fun to his wife.. LOL! really funny uncle n auntie~

then, keep busy busy busy on the MATTA FAIR Packages..
OH NO, it just make my head bigger and bigger only..
coz it was like adding works again n again.. haiz..
so sad~ T.T
the works hvnt finish yet but keep add n again!!
make me felt so tired..
they nvr think that im just a normal student but not a ROBOT!!!
but i don think tat they will think..
they just order order only de la.. haiz..

then, late evening, i want to go home edi, suddenly got a couple of Japanese tourist came to office and asking about the Island trip..
i was felt scare coz i never scare Japanese tourist..
but they are like my service to them~
im so happy coz in a days i can make 2 business edi.. ><
hmm.. what else le?

but it is a nice life la.. working working.. =.=''
haha.. :P

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