I Love Taiwan!!!!

I Love Taiwan!!!!

August 9, 2009

PC Fair + Pizza Hut dinner..

a wonderful sunday~
i went to church with my mom, and little sis..
and, im the driver.. (mom said want to test test my driving skill after get the driving license wa..) =.='''
hmm.. then today got Arch Bishop of Nigeria oh..
wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooww... very amazing that..
know what, Arch Bishop of Nigeria got 30 children... (wow.. so many oh..)
then, he preach us very touched and very nice too~
the Holy Spirit is touched many people.. (AMEN AMEN!!)

hmm.. after church balik rumah makan lunch..
then went to PC fair.. astaga!!! so many people la.. =.='''
stupid ni..
many people din wear mask include me as well. wuakaka...
then i met some fren at there too la.. LOL!!!
i got bought a pendrive (kingston) - 8gb de.. RM50 oh.. kill me! LOL! but, apa boleh buat?? terpaksa buy for it!! ahaha.. :P
wat else.. i met with my mom's old fren..
the uncle cant recognise me at all coz last time i was fat and round and pendek..
now become tall n thin~
i don know i should happy or angry.. =.=''
then, i was going with whole family but go 2 ways..
my dad, mom n sis 1 group; me n bro 1 group..
my bro make me faint at there coz he keep turning n turning there to consider want to buy a keyboard with a mouse which is cost of RM135?? =.='''

hmm.. then, tonight dinner suppose at home de
but suddenly dad said want to eat Pizza..
so i go do order n take away lo..
so super full!
2mr sch again~ haiz..
feel so lazy edi..
but go oso la..
coz i knw no more sch break edi!!! even the study break oso don hv!!
stupid OLD MAN In ATI~

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