I Love Taiwan!!!!

I Love Taiwan!!!!

August 12, 2009

Love and Appreciate the person that you love

early in the morning oso no current! =.=''
don know wat happen?
it is because of the stupid SESB???

anyway, today is wednesday and as usual i don have class! yes!! hooorray~ :P
hmm.. today wat did i done?
(actually i just finished read 1 of my church member's blog)
he wrote all the blog is super meaningful!
1 of his blog that i read just now is the title of "The most Foolish thing"..
at 1st when i read it is quite =.=''' because his fren find him and crying.. but, when i continue read it, it very touched~
in our life, we don know that when we are "GOING" to heaven~
his fren find him to share his sadness + regretness because the fren is lost is ex - gf..
actually his fren is just broke up with the gf.. the gf keep ask the boy's family, frens and the gal frens' too~ the guys don want to meet the girl because he don knw how to face her as they broke up for no reason at all~
then, the gal got accident and pass away and the boy is very sad and now feel of regretness~ coz he cant manage to see her ex gf last.. (by the way, the guy is still love the gal as well)

well, we really need to love and appreciate much the person that you love and care the most~
we don know that when is the time that we are GOING TO HEAVEN~
But, if we GO oso we can go with peaceful feelings and bring joy, but not with the angryness or wat~
hmm... wat else?
if suddenly our frens or relatives suddenly gone, sure will feel sad..
for those couple, love and appreciate your partner well.. if someday 1 of u go, at least u both wont be regret~

and nowadays the virus of H1N1, is getting more seriously~ the Haze again make us more trouble~

P/S: don 4get once u reach home, wash ur hands with soap, dry it with tissue or a napkin~ don be go those crowd place like shopping mall, cinemas, garden and many etc more..

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