I Love Taiwan!!!!

I Love Taiwan!!!!

November 13, 2010

My Little Girl went SAMC

Well, SATURDAY bring me a joyful day.. 
which i can sleep very very quite late..
 which is today i woke up at 1130am..
 Is it consider as "early"? xD 
anyway, im really enjoy with it.. wakakaka.. =) 
After i woke up,
the 1st things i do is i went out from my room and go see my little girl ^_^
She very naughty.. 
And she like don know that today she need to go see doctor perhaps need to "sunat" her.. 
She very enjoying of playing with me.. 
Lick my hand, leg, and even bark at me before i want to go wash face.. =.=lll *stupid*
anyway, we leave house around 12pm and direct go to the SAMC near Foh Sang there.. 
and that time i was DRIVER and followed by mom and little sis and of coz my little girl as well.. ^^v

Reach there, so many people are waiting especially is Malay peoples.. ^_^ 
they are bringing their pets along which is "miao miao" = CAT!!
while the Chinese people is bring along with "woooh woooh" = DOG!
and i saw a GIANT DOG!!! wah liao..
Very scary lea.. and the owner like don care of it.. damn the stupid owner.. =.=lll
n wait wait wait.. untill 130pm oni till our turn..
Then we expect that the doctor suppose to give my little girl an injection of vaccine of it, but he said that can direct can "sunat" so me and mom was O.o and asking the doctor for confirmation again, "Are you sure Doctor"? 
the doctor showed us the record of her of the Vaccine.. and he confidence said "YES"..
So we just oh.. okie.. xD hahaha... 
and the doctor ask us go pick her up at 4pm.. 
so we just went home and wait till 4pm like that.. 

Around 430pm, we reach the SAMC, i went in to the clinic and ask, is she done edi and woke up from the operation? The nurse said yes.. ^^
so i went in and see.. 
and i saw she very happy when look at me and she shake her tails ^^v
but too bad she cant walk much... she still blur blur because of the "bius" medicine.. 
and guess what? she is wearing the "Princess Hat" 
This is the princess hat.. xD
she totally cute..  
Finally reach home, and she totally cant sit, cant sleep at all and the whole evening.. 
and the cant used to be the "princess hat" as well..
the whole evening she just standing to fall asleep.. 
i know that its painful to her, but in a same way is a good choice for her.. ^^ 
and i hope that it wont bring any effect negative to her. 

The way she sleeping...
Cute right?? xD

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