I Love Taiwan!!!!

I Love Taiwan!!!!

October 16, 2010

Post for ntg

well, i cant believe that my 2 weeks holidays just pass like NOTHING!!! =.=lll
1st weeks of holiday i had nothing to do but just stay at home.. wake up and everyday play FB, MSN, and movie.. that's all to pass the day.. 
2nd weeks of holiday is just busy with my little girl (dog) as she felt down from car on Tuesday!!! @_@ 
Then, the next day bring her back to clinic again.. >< even the doctor oso can know me.. =.=
What else? then the next day again? see doctor.. WHY?? 
She doesn't want to eat anything!!! T.T 
This is the 1st day (jump down from car) and doesn't eat anythings but just milk..

Hmmm.. Next Monday gonna start class~ >< argh!!!
but good.. Coz this is the short semester.. wakaka..
i think do not have any trip again.. Which mean the Sandakan is the last trip of us~~
but i know in the future, sure they are have many place to let me travel.. ^^v
Now i was wondering where i can go work?
I don want to go back to the City Mall that company again~~ Damn HATE IT!!!
I prayed that GOD will lead me all the time when i going this.. =)

What else? Nowadays i keep flu.. T.T argh.. don know what happen to me.. T.T 
I love this crackers!!! Damn love it!! gonna buy it again.. =)
See, its full~~ Yummy!!! 

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