I Love Taiwan!!!!

I Love Taiwan!!!!

February 21, 2011

CNY Steamboat

On the day of 12 Feb 2011, is a raining day of Kota Kinabalu.
And yet, it is a great day to have a steamboat!!! ^_^

Place : Taman Dixon Lintas / Hilltop
People who are attending : Me, Jia Ying, June and Shiang Yeh!!
Foods : Seafoods + Meat + Vegetable + Tom Yam Soup + Herbal Soup + Peppermint Ice Cream + FUNS!!!
Time : 630pm - 9.15pm

Well, during that day we are having a lots of funs before eatings, during eating, and after eating..
Pictures as below:
Shiang Yeh, Jia Ying and Me~~~
Sorry for spoilted this pict!! 
Twins - Ah Sa and Ah Kiu 
Take 2! 
Rabbit Peace!! xD 
Me and Shiang Yeh~
Actually she is my primary schoolmates and beside class, perhaps i don know her..
Then she also studied at ATIC too.. but we are not so close to each other..
Now, she is my colleagues... haha..
KK is so small... 
Jia Ying and me
Actually i know her from college..
Know her at the 1st time, she is not crazy as now.. =p 
June and me
She is my primary same class schoolmates...
Beside that, she also my collegemates as well at ATIC and she also my senior at my college
and now we are becoming colleague together..
Jia Ying and Shiang Yeh
Jia ying with June 
With Twins~~ 
Jia Ying with Twins 

Taaadaaa~~~ that's all!! =p 


Anonymous said...

^___^ smile for the any moment,day,date and time we all 2gether.

Manda's Life said...

of coz.. keke.. =>