I Love Taiwan!!!!

I Love Taiwan!!!!

January 7, 2011

Well well well

Oh well well well~~~ today is my 5th day of working with that company..
What i can saying is this company actually is a big company~
and its lots of package that they are getting..
and i was amaze that many people joining the tour group!!! O_o
Even thou is expensive for those poor group fellows, but it is normal prices for those middle and riches peoples..
And it was so much bookings of airlines, and the local tours such as China - Zhang Jia Jie, Guilin, HaerBin, Taiwan, and Korea.
And today, what is the most happy things is, finally get a NEW COMPUTER!!!
Even that it has been waited and share the laptop with my colleague aka fren, but i'm happy with it..
And can be saying that everyday of my working at there is fill up passport with China Visa Application Form, erm.. fax itineraries to customers, answering phone and pass phone to my colleagues, and what else?
Let me think, ooo.. i know.. is keep see around the office is there any works for me to do and help!! >

Some of my frens oso would be joining my company's tour package coz everytime i saw their passport's photocopy~~
Erm.. Now starting to understand about the tour packages that have alots with it...
Well, even it is tired, but... it is a worth job for me (i think)...

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