I Love Taiwan!!!!

I Love Taiwan!!!!

January 3, 2011

First Day working

Well, as ur extra info, today is my 1st day working at a new travel agency name AirWorld Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd. 
It is located at Api-Api Centre there.. (just next 2 shop beside of KK Toys) 
Erm.. what else? If want to find me can call to +6088-242996 or email me at amanda_panda90@live.com.. (and yea, i am trying to promote my this company by Blogger so that every readers when want going for travel / vacation, can find for me) =) 
What else i can share now?? *Thinking* .... Hmmmmm~

Oh well, let me share with you about my day today at office.. I was the freshiiee and newly staff in that company! 
Many of my friends told me that working at there, just one day is have nothing to do. 
Just sitting down there while seeing other people is busy while you are not busy at all and until you want to get some offers yourself to get yourselves is busy!! (and that's me!!!) 

I keep asking one of my friend - June (also known as my colleague because she worked longer than me) to ask her to give me some works to do! LOL!! 
What else, she gave me to fill up the China's Visa Forms, Key in some data of customers to the lappy, erm... then she gave me books to study about the China's places!! and i was like BORING~~~~~ until MAXIMUM!!!! 

Until when i want to leave home, finally somethings happens!!! Cheng cheng cheng~~ Which is a customer came in to office and told me that he want to do China's visa! erm.. actually i can solve it by myself, but because of new office, yet i don know what is their's rules and regulations, so the only way that i can do is asking my senior! Yet, they still helped me to solve with it. Thanks for Freddie. He is a good person in the office. 

Erm.. what else?? I think that's it.. And today how am i going to get busy myself? Which is i keep read their itineraries / products! Its was so much!! >< 
I think i am gonna to take some times to read all for it.. =] 

Lastly, I MISS TAIWAN!!!!!

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