I Love Taiwan!!!!

I Love Taiwan!!!!

January 6, 2012

When i know about this

When i know about this... my mood suddenly turn to moody ; my tears dropping just like right now the weather at outside raining so heavy right now..

 Every year, i wish to have a chance that i can celebrate even 1 day of Valentines Day with you, and yet finally i can wait for this year, but... the result still the same.. It's can't be celebrate together and again... And i don't know i need to wait for how long again.. What should i do? Find a guy to celebrate with me? Find friend to celebrate? Stay at home? Alone at beach to see other couples hands in hands and walk on beach... Why all this cannot to be on me? :'( Haiz~~ I'm tired


Anonymous said...

hey dear.. dont be sad la. don go to beach or ask other guy celebrate with you la ok? we skype at home on 14 Feb ok? hehe... love you so much ya. don be silly la. now cant celebrate but future alots awaits us de. i love you. muaxxx... see you on 18th. hehe... blek!

johnkure said...